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The region’s Middle Eastern dining landscape is set to be transformed with the arrival of Eshak this fall.

About Eshak

A celebrated international concept currently located in two of Moscow’s most prestigious neighborhoods, Eshak takes a contemporary approach to Middle Eastern cuisine, putting a unique spin on the expected for a dining experience that is colourful, flavourful and full of laughter. Eshak will be located in Citywalk 2, the dynamic dining and retail hub and operated by Bulldozer Group, one of the best-respected names in global hospitality, representing its first foray into casual dining.

Diners at Eshak are invited to immerse themselves in a unique ‘Choyhona’ concept that draws inspiration from the rich culture of the Silk Route, marked with homely touches, generous portions and friendly service. Dive into a fusion menu conceptualized by expert Chef Mahmoud Efranjiey, who masterfully blends Uzbek, Caucasian, Armenian, Georgian, European and Middle Eastern tastes, re-imagining the traditional whilst staying loyal to authentic roots. Highlight dishes include pilafs, kebabs, veal and lamb dumplings, as well as mouth-watering deserts of baklava and chak-chak. The menu is also customizable, allowing diners to create bespoke plates entirely suited to personal preferences.

Located at the junction of Al Wasl and Al Safa Road, and surrounded by lush landscaped spaces and walkways, the restaurant also offers a beautiful and comfortable outdoor terrace. This enchanting urban hideaway reveals expansive views over Dubai’s metropolitan skyline, including the iconic Burj Khalifa. A limited edition Shisha menu encourages social dining and shared experiences lasting deep into the night.