City life is spreading as deep as the underground, and The HOBO Club (or The Hobo Camp for its habitue) is the pioneer for this electrifying new scene. Located on the 4th floor of Nassima Royal un-marked car park you will find hidden away a haven for only a handful of the edgiest creative communities and ‘vagabonds’ near and far.

Launched in February 2016, this one of a kind venue is now the 'go-to' hub for musicians, art aficionados, DJs, scenesters looking for like-minded nomadic people to share their stories and a place to call home.

The venue’s journey starts as a cosy intimate bar from 10pm until 1am when lights dimmer down as the club transforms into a hipster party haunt.

With weekly surprise international guest DJs and artists creating live masterpieces, there is always something new around this car park’s corner!

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