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A private members lounge inspired by the romance, music and mischief of the pre-revolution Cuban socialite culture.

From the finest cigar to the tastiest Mojito, Socialista is a representation of how the privileged pre-revolution Habaneros lived, a Caribbean playground, filled with the romance, excitement, music and the flavours of the Cuban socialite culture. This intimate and exclusive lounge is artistically decorated for those with an individual personality and a lifestyle that seeks out all that is new and uncommon, allowing those in the know to extend the exclusive experience late into the night.

Inspired by the eclectic architecture of old Havana, the colorful interior draws upon a mix of colonial European influences combined with a dash of 20th century modernism. The design features French antiques and plantation style rattan furniture, covered in rich velvets and brocades, resembling a stately home that has stood still in Cuban history. Dimmed, amber backlight creates a warm, seductive aura, evoking the impression of a Caribbean sunset beyond the closed shutters. Colours recall Cuban interiors of the 50’s, with bright pinks, chartreuse, peacock greens and art deco blues, blended with natural earth tones. Cracked arbascato marble walls, neoclassical chandeliers, rosette ceilings, and lush tropical elements create a sense of unbridled, unquestionable glamour extending onto a secret garden style terrace.